Math Modeling

Created parameterized model of a non-uniform LED shining on a planar surface in Matlab to account and correct for asymmetric illumination of chemical samples.


Collected data and developed a model to characterize the effect of quantum noise (light and dark) on images collected by Raspberry Pi Camera V2.


Modeled and simulated forces, drag, and motion in three dimensions of a tethered weight being towed through the air by an autonomous drone.


Created a CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) leveraging Python’s FastAI module, to identify keystrokes solely using a laptop’s built-in microphone, and another CNN to identify the typist from the rhythm of their typing, reaching 97% accuracy.


Condensed five-months of Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Specialization (using TensorFlow) into seven days, to earn full certification through intensive study.


MS in Controls Engineering, thesis explored the kinematics of dinomorphic bipedal robots with passive tails, and their effect on the stability of running.